Residential Treatment

Advanced Pest Prevention

We establish a bug free parimeter by initiating 8 proven barriers of defense. THE BUG STOPS HERE!

1st barrier
Outside Roach and Ant baits:

We set up these baits in select mulch sftes, wood-piles, planting beds, and other, more out-lying areas of your yard because that’s where ants and various other insects such as Palmetto bugs live. By attacking the problem at the source, the first barrier attracts and kills many crawling pests before they can enter your home.

2nd barrier
SpeciaIIy formuIated Granular repelleflts:

We place these materials on the soil and in the shrubbery area immediately adjacent to your home to drive pests away.
3rd barrier
A clear-drying liquid:

We carefully apply this iiquid repellent around windows doors, eaves, and other areas. This step completes the out-side barrier.
4th barrier
Baited dust:

This material is put in the attic and the cracks and crevices found in any
home to stop insects in their favorite hiding places and passageways.
Pests that manage to get past the first three, outside bafflers and
infiltrate your attic have ready access to the rest of your home.
This barrier sets up the first inside line of protection.
5th barrier
A special dust agent:

We remove every accessible wall and light switth plate and inject this material in the spaces between walls, a favorite insect hiding place. This barrier is highly effective in eliminaftng bugs that have managed to get in the walls.
6th barrier
Roach and Ant baits:

These are placed inside your home under major appliances where roaches scurry in search of food and water. No matter how clean a home is kept. crawling pests like Palmetto bugs will find a way in. Once inside, they will move to the kitchen and bathrooms in search of a place to live.

7th barrier
A residual bait:

This gum-based attractant is applied in out-of-the-way places, such as behind drawers and cabinets, to draw insects (like German Roaches) that have been
inadvertently brought into the home, or have managed to evade the other barriers.

8th barrier
A residual water proof dust:

This material is applied around plumbing lines, under sinks and around the underside of your sinks, places where insects go for a water source. This completes the indoor treatment and provides long-term protection.
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